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#GG-Mesh Pouches 3" X 5"


Utility Bag™

The new Open Mesh Utility Bags have an open weave design for visibility and breathability.

Perfect for:
  • Maintenance
  • Transit
  • Construction
  • Utility
  • Industrial
  • Automotive
  • Environmental
  • Electrical
  • Emergency/Medical
  • Improves Hand Safety as much as 86%!
  • Compliments PPE and VPP Program
  • Completely Dielectric
  • Safety Break-away
  • Secure Locking provides resilience and "creep"resistance
  • Resists fatigue, mechanical damage, and chemical attack

"Use of the Glove GuardŽ has enabled us to far surpass our initial expectations. The Glove GuardŽ glove holder has become as common as hard hats and safety glasses. Using the glove clip as part of our PPE program has reduced recordable hand injuries by as much as 86%. Thanks for your continued support and assistance in making our site safer and more cost efficient."

"Maintenance has found the Glove GuardŽ glove holders to be very helpful. Now the gloves stay with the worker, versus having them back at their toolbox or out of their reach when hand protection is really needed."

"The Glove GuardŽ glove holder provides an effective way for the employees to keep up with the gloves issued upon hire. Glove GuardŽ also allows us to let others know we are a safety conscientious contractor."

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