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#UC.17701: 12’-19’ Adjustable Free-Standing Horizontal


12'-18' Adjustable Free-Standing Horizontal Rail Fall Arrest System, 10' Wide, 8" Urethane Wheels

The Free-Standing Horizontal Rail Fall-Arrest System combines the simplicity of a horizontal rail and trolley system with a portable support structure to provide reliable fall-protection where it’s needed, when it’s needed.

The Free-Standing Horizontal Rail Fall-Arrest System is ideal for work on or near sensitive equipment, such as aircraft, where physical contact is undesirable. Available in a range of heights, widths and wheel styles, the Free-Standing Horizontal Rail Fall- Arrest System is constructed of lightweight powder coated aluminum and zincplated steel and can be ordered to fit your applications’ custom requirements.

Each system comes standard with a single track rail and two individual man-rated rail trolleys for anchorage of a Personal Fall-Arrest System (PFAS). An optional double-track is available for improved worker mobility along the length of the entire rail.

The Free-Standing Horizontal Rail Fall-Arrest System is easily moved by hand and can be precisely placed to provide maximum protection. It can also be moved by a forklift or towed by a maintenance vehicle when equipped with the proper accessories.

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