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#EH.EH1: Eaglehook kit includes 1 eaglehook with full body harn



Full Travel restraint tractor trailer kit Includes:

·         Eaglehook 102 inch wide trailer clamp

·         Full body harness universal size

·         6 foot lanyard

·         10 foot self retracting lifeline lanyard

·         Carrying storage bucket


Safety Is Our First Priority
The Eaglehook is a unique innovation in transport trailer repair – an expertly engineered
mobile system specifically developed to prevent falls, by restricting workers engaged
in repair or maintenance from traveling to a roof surface edge.
The Eaglehook fall restraint system minimizes injuries, costly downtime and roof repair and maintenance outsourcing


Why you need the Eaglehook – NOW.
A transport trailer innovation to save lives by restraining falls
Offers range of motion, ease-of-use, and complete stability for trailer roof surface repair and    maintenance
Safer for workers; lowers employer insurance premiums
Mobile repair system minimizes costly downtime and outsourcing
Conforms to industry safety regulations (CSA Z-259.16-04 and ANSI Z359.0-2007)
Affordable, light weight, meticulously engineered and tested
Created by a mechanic, for mechanics
Repair, maintenance and snow removal applications
Fall RESTRAINT…not “fall arrest”

The innovation: fall RESTRAINT, not fall arrest!
Lightweight, easy-to-use, and mobile, precision engineering of the Eaglehook allows for range of motion – and FALL RESTRAINT, not “fall arrest” – a North American first.

A          ANCHORAGE



Safe - Secure - Lightweight - Easy to Use - Ergonomic

Simple, one-person operation

Complete range of motion

A safe, innovative way to address roof repairs, which can cause damaged loads

Committed to safety and service excellence, creator John Sousa has been a skilled, certified mechanic for over 35 years. An entrepreneur and innovator, Sousa has continually expanded operations to offer specialized services in the transportation industry, from transport trailer repair to the development of industry safety products.


When trailers need to be repaired often the roof is one of the areas that need to be looked at. The Eaglehook is the perfect device to keep workers safe while working on the roof of a trailer. Truck trailers typically sit nearly 3ft over the required government regulation for fall protection. Due to the laws put in place by the Federal government, workers are required to have a fall protection system in place while working on the top of trailers. The Eaglehook covers all the requirements needed under the new law.

Weighing only 20lbs, Eaglehook is perfect for one person to use on a repair job. Being lightweight and mobile allows you to make repairs on the fly without need large stationary or heavier mobile platforms to get the job done.

Snow Removal

Snow removal is a constant task for truckers and shop workers throughout the winter months. With the increased need to be on the trailer roof, it is more important than ever to have a fall protection system in place to ensure that there are no falls. Because Eaglehook weighs only 20lbs, it is easier than ever for workers to get on the trailer roof, lock themselves in and start removing snow. Our product helps make snow removal easier and faster however you still need to shovel yourself. Maybe we will develop a snow removal robot next…


Maintaining your fleet is the best way to keep proactive with you units. Even a missed hole the size of a fist, when caught in rain, can cause irreversible damage to a load and cost you thousands of dollars. Be proactive inspect you roof before water leaks happen. Connect the Eaglehook fall protection system to the trailer top rails and begin your weekly inspection.

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