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#CB-TTMP: Truck trailer mass transit bus ladder work platform


Tractor Trailer Maintenance Platforms Tractor trailer inspection and repair access platforms

Accessing the tops of tractor trailers for maintenance, inspection, and even cleaning can be challenging. A fall from this height can cause serious injury and even death. The Carbis trailer maintenance platform offers a fall prevention solution and allows personnel the freedom to move while working.

Benefits ■ Customized options to fit the needs of your operation however challenging they may be Flip-up panels Hoist to raise/lower tools Adjustable height frame ■ Allows workers the freedom of movement without the danger of a fall associated with traditional ladders ■ The capabilities are endless; let us know

The ladder goes to the height of the truck. The handrails enclose an 8 x 8 area on top of the truck. There is a small walk surface on the inboard sides of the unit on top. It can be galvanized steel or painted steel. We can have ladders going up or a steep ships ladder. We can make it adjustable height, but if we do they will need a forklift to raise it or use a wench. We can add a hoist system for tools.

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