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#DC. 48 Foot To 53 Foot Fall Arrest Tractor Trailer System

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Tractor trailer Horizontal Fall Arrest Trailer designed to service 48 foot or 53 foot trailers can also be shortened to work with sea containers (sea cans).

This self contained DOT highway truck trailer fall arrest system can be taken from job site to job site or just plain rolled around your yard for a quick convenient fall arrest system.

Excellent for trailer tarping, loading, unloading, service or anywhere a worker needs the safety of a full body harness and portable fall arrest anchor point system.

This trailer fall arrest has 2 independent fall arrest horizontal rails that can accommodate as many as 3 workers at 1 time optional 4 or more worker horizontal rail fall arrest systems available.

This horizontal rail fall protection will also accommodate rescue workers which are required under regulations as part of a complete fall protection plan.

By having multiple horizontal fall arrest rails workers can easily pass by each other without getting tangled up in each other self retracting lifelines.

Fall protection is inevitable, it is also the law under all local and federal regulations, but most important it just makes sense as even the smallest accident will result in a lost time accident and fines that will easily pay for this truck trailer fall protection system.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 October, 2008.

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