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#DB.30188: Gravity Feed Rack Fall Arrest System


The FlexiGuard™ Gravity Feed Rack Fall Arrest System is designed to provide safe access and fall-protection in gravity feed storage rack warehouses. This system is ideal for safely clearing pallet jams, performing roller inspections or performing other maintenance work while inside a gravity rack system.

System Features: Mobile Work Platform for Gravity Feed Racks measuring 49” on C channel Designed to be moved and positioned with a forklift locked down to forklift with web sling and winch Locked down to position on a forklift System designed for use with single 2 anchor point davit System includes custom designed GFR locking mechanism to positively lock to Gravity feed rack at 49” plus or minus ½” Designed for two users rated at 3600 lbs or 900 lbs MAF x 2 x 2 Manufactured from lightweight aluminum and steel components Completely portable design allows for easy relocation.

APPLICATIONS Purpose: Personal Protective Equipment Against Falls From Height The Gravity Feed Fall-Protection Platform combines easy access to elevated work areas with fall protection from the ground for the duration of the work performed.

Limitations: The following limitations must be considered before using this product. Failure to observe product limitations could result in serious injury or death.

A. ASSEMBLY: The Gravity Feed Fall-Protection Platform must be assembled in accordance with the requirements stated in this instruction and any instruction provided by the manufacturer.

B. PERSONAL FALL ARREST SYSTEMS: PFAS used with the Gravity Feed Fall-Protection Platform must meet applicable state and federal regulations.

C. CAPACITY: The maximum working load for the product can be for one (1) or more people with a combined weight of 310 lbs. per person. Use of various accessories may reduce the number of workers that may be anchored.

D. PHYSICAL AND ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS: Use of this equipment in areas with physical or environmental hazards may require additional precautions to be taken in order to reduce the possibility of damage to this equipment or injury to the user. Hazards may include, but are not limited to: high heat (welding or metal cutting), acid or caustic chemicals, corrosive environments such as exposure to seawater, high voltage power lines, explosive or toxic gases, moving machinery, or sharp edges. Contact Capital Safety if you have questions about the application of this equipment in areas where physical or environmental hazards are present.

E. TRAINING: This equipment must be installed and used by persons who have been properly trained in its correct application and use. Installation and use of this equipment must be supervised by a qualified person, as defined by OSHA fall protection standards. STANDARDS: Refer to national standards, local, state, and OSHA requirements for more information on the application of this and associated equipment.

APPLICATION RESTRICTIONS: IMPORTANT: Consult system labeling and specifications for user capacities. • Depending on the equipment, a maximum of up to two (2) person(s) may be tied off to the Gravity Feed Fall-Protection Platform at any one time. Review all labels for specific capacities. The combined weight of various Personal Fall Arrest Systems (PFAS), work tools, and accessories may restrict the use of the Gravity Feed Fall-Protection Platform to a single individual. Consult product specification sheets for all components of any system, and be aware of any restrictions before using the equipment.

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