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Safety Training

Ontario Working At Heights Training

WAH Fall Arrest Protection Training: Is required by Law for every worker in the Province of Ontario.

Whether you are from Quebec or another Province, coming up from The United States of America, Europe or Asia. If you are going to be working at heights on a Construction Project in the Province of Ontario you must have a Valid Working At Heights Training Card.

Some large scale construction project and National - International General Contractors will require all workers entering the project to present a valid WAH training card prior to entry. (Including delivery persons)

D.C.I.S. through it many partners is able to provide Working At Heights Training at your facility, be it in Canada or the US, other Countries can have classroom training done locally in Ontario by one of our trainers.

We offer classroom sizes for a single individual or group sizes up to 12 workers at your office or job site, no need for you to send workers away. (Minimizing travel lost time and expense)

The WAH Training class by a certified Trainer is 6.5 hours to 8 hours depending on class size and participation.

Participant will receive on completion a Temporary WAH Training card Valid in Ontario until the Government (MOL Ministry of Labour) sends you your card in the mail.

The Ontario Working At Height Training Card is Valid for 3 years from training, we also offer refresher training that must be completed prior to your cards expiry date.

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