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Emergency Remote Rescue Retrieval Hook     MADE IN Patent Pending
Confined Space Rescue / Fall Protection Rescue / Fall Arrest Rescue

Non Entry Confined Space Rescues from above ground made easy. Never again will you have to descend into a confined space to rescue a co-worker or victim. 

We Export our Emergency Remote Rescue Retrieval Hook Around the WORLD, make the ERRRH part of your safety kit today!
The High Voltage Emergency Remote Rescue Retrieval Hook now available with LED light for working in those dark areas or at night time.

Make confined space rescues easy from ground level without ever having to enter the confined space. Fall arrest Fall protection rescues can now be made without climbing down to the victim, just make the ERRRH with any of our extension poles to complete your rescue procedures.

        Heavy duty webbing         Wear pad                      Double locking stainless steel snap hook Photo luminescent strip (glow in the dark tape) 

         LED light               Universal adapter for hot sticks                    High voltage fiberglass      

ERRRH on universal adapter with hot stick.jpg (98819 bytes) Confined space rescue with the ERRRH emergency remote rescue retrieval hook using the 24 foot high voltage telescopic extension pole heavy duty fiberglass multi section ERRRH emergency remote rescue retrieval hook lowered dow to rescu ethe worker in a confined space without entry Non entry confined space rescue using the DCIS ERRRH emergency remote rescue retrieval hook with extendable fiberglass extension pole

Here the Emergency Remote Rescue Retrieval Hook (ERRRH) is being used with the Universal adapter attached to an existing high voltage extension pole (Hydro spec.) With double locking stainless steel snap hook & 1 inch heavy duty polyester webbing. Optional Kevlar webbing available for high heat or fire safety requirements. Patent Pending Universal Adapter for high voltage applications  The universal adapter does not fit the standard heavy duty extension poles an adapter kit is required. Shown with optional 3/4 inch ANSI, CSA twist locking carabiner.ERRRH with universal adapter and optional carabiner.jpg (20474 bytes)

Fall arrest fall protection Rescue training using the ERRRH Emergency remote rescue retrieval hook made in canada

emergency remote rescue retrieval hook on standard pole.jpg (101050 bytes) Fall arrest rescue is now accomplished from above the worker without having to make a dangerous descent to the fallen worker. 

Ground rescue we also have a rescue kit system available to make a fall arrest rescue from the ground that includes: The ERRRH with extension pole, 1 extension pole with large anchor hook, 1 pole with cutting end & 1 rope rescue system. Onsite training is always available to help you meet the current government regulations for safety.

450 Pound capacity (ERRRH) Our standard heavy duty 6-12 Foot Extendable Fiberglass or aluminum twist lock adjustable extension poles / rescue stick With double locking stainless steel snap hook & heavy duty 1 inch polyester web. The Emergency Remote rescue Retrieval Hook will perform rescues for years to come without any problems. Emergency remote rescue Retrieval Hook Locked open and ready to grab on to the victims full body harness D ring. Attach a rope rescue kit, retrieval winch lifeline, boom truck crane or other suitable lifting device so you can complete the rescue safely and quickly. Patent Pending
The Emergency Remote Rescue Retrieval Hook (ERRRH) comes complete with one of any of our heavy duty extension poles made of fiberglass or aluminum. Some models of the heavy duty extension poles are 2 section, 3 section, and 4 section giving the most reach in the shortest stored length.
High Voltage fiberglass telescopic extension poles are available in 8 standard sizes. 26" to 8 feet, 58" to 12,7' feet, 60" to 16,9" feet, 62" to 21 feet, 64" to 25,6" feet, 66" to 30 feet, 68" to 35 feet, 69 to 39,6" feet. Other poles available through 60 feet, also light weight extension poles are available. Final section is hi visibility fluorescent lime green foam filled fiberglass and  all sections are 100% tested per OSHA and ASTM F-711.

Standard sizes 3-6 foot, 4-8 foot, 6-12 foot, 8-16 foot, 10-20 foot, 8-24 foot 12-24 foot, through 60 foot telescopic extension poles available in Fiberglass or Aluminum, custom lengths available on special requestExtendable Heavy duty telescopic fiberglass extension pole 6 foot, 8 foot, 12 foot, 16 foot 24 foot

We are able to provide on site training for employees to meet government regulations on employee training. Ontario Reg. 632/05

ERRRH Emergency remote rescue retrieval hook accessory kit with carrying bag carabiners and web tie off anchor strap Accessory rope rescue system kit  comes complete with (2) 3/4" CSA approved twist lock carabiners, (1) 2" CSA approved twist lock carabiner, (3) 4 foot anchor slings with "D" rings on both ends and wear pad complete in shoulder back pack or duffle bag for storage and transport.

Deluxe Rope rescue system kit (1) adjustable strap, (1) anchor strap (4) twist lock carabiners, (1) rope grab & 3 way rope pulley system in large back pack. Order rope length 4 times the height of the rescue required. A 100 foot rescue will need 400 feet of rope.
Standard rope rescue pulley device can be configured as a 3:1 or 4:1 ratio for lifting or lowering a victim safely. Also available with a swivel mount top and right or left ascent handle grab. 3:1 ratio for 25 foot lift requires 100 feet of rope while the 4:1 at 25 feet requires 125 feet of rope. Below shown as 3:1 ratio rope rescue system.isc rope rescue pulley device.gif (98040 bytes)

EMERGENCY RESCUE EQUIPMENT: This equipment is designed for the safe rescue of workers in all types of rescue situations. 

Confined Space Rescue: Emergency Fire Services, Aeration Tanks, Barges, Boilers, Catch Basins, Crawl spaces, Digesters, Effluent Tanks, Elevator pits, HVAC, Hydro utilities, High voltage rescue, Influent Tanks, Nuclear facilities, Manholes, Mechanical rooms, Mines, Pits, Sewers, Silos, Sumps, Tanker trucks, Tanks, Telecommunication companies, Trench Boxes, Trenches, Vaults, Waste collection, Waste tankers, Water fountains, Water wastewater plants, Wells or anything else around your facilities were confined space work takes place

Fall Protection Rescue / Fall Arrest Rescue: Bridges, Construction sites, Cranes, Dams, Derricks, Emergency services workers, Gantries, Hydro electric stations, Industrial plants, Institutions, Nuclear power plants, Military, Mines, Oil rigs, Oil & Gas tanks, Power generating stations, Railway bridges, Roof tops, Scaffolding, Silos, Tanker trucks, Towers, Water wastewater plants, Window washers, Work platforms, Ski lift rescue, ski lift evacuation, or anything else around your facilities were fall arrest fall protection work takes place

Confined Spaces Rescues: The Emergency Remote Rescue Retrieval Hook (ERRRH)  is possible the easiest and safest way to rescue a worker from a confined space entry. Everyday workers enter dangerous confined space and become untied from the rescue winch line to do there jobs. The only problem with being untied from the rescue line is that someone physically has to enter the confined space to help you get rescue from the confined space. Now easily without anyone ever having to enter the confined space the attendant will be able to rescue the victim from a potentially life threatening situation
Fall Protection Rescues / Fall Arrest Rescues: In the event of a worker falling from heights (it's going to happen one day). So now the person your working with has fallen and is unable to climb back up or grab on to something. Suspension trauma will soon set in and can kill them, you will have only minutes to make your rescue plan work. The (ERRRH) Emergency Remote Rescue Retrieval Hook will assist you in making a quicker and safer rescue / recovery of the fallen worker. Simple having a rope rescue system and extension pole with Shepard's hook will enable you to make most rescues where overhead anchorage is available. Other rescue's may involve the use of a boom truck or mobile crane some have even used an overhead crane to complete a rescue. (Consult local or Federal Standards)


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Wire Rope Ladders

Wire Rope Ladder For Industrial, Construction, Marine Boarding, Military or Tactical law Enforcement


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