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Material Handling Davit Cranes

225kg / 500lb, 340 kg / 750lb , 500 kg / 1100lb and 1000kg / 2200 pound capacity 2 ton to follow & custom sizes are available

The New style of Material Handling Davit Cranes are made of Light Weight Aluminum Alloy that will provide years of maintenance free use. They are designed to rotate 360 degrees under full load with just 2 fingers on one hand. Custom length Offset Masts allow for Maximum Maneuverability any situation. Standard Size is 1100 lbs  that's a full 1/2 ton or 500 kgs ready to use when you need it. Custom Sizes and capacities available. 04.jpg (39664 bytes)

31 Pounds is all the light weight aluminum Davit weighs without a winch or hoist. Weighs only 52 pounds with winch installed on Davit Arm 1/4" cable at 50 feet.








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Even in the worst weather situations outside, these Davit Crane Systems will Perform as needed by the operator or operators using them (Effortlessly).

05.jpg (41348 bytes) 1) Hook on to pump using chain grab.

06.jpg (46094 bytes) Extension mast gives that extra when lifting long pumps from deep wells 08.jpg (15744 bytes)18 inch powder coated safety yellow davit socket sleeve base  07.jpg (53801 bytes) 2) Lift pump out of hole.
10.jpg (22272 bytes) Extended Height Base is 42 inches tall Training and Installation Available 03.jpg (37152 bytes) 3) Pivot the Davit with as little as 2 fingers and place it where you need it.
The Original  material Davit System Cranes were HEAVY galvanized steel that wont rotate under load in there fixed bases. Fixed Offset reaches and capacities limit there uses at all Water / Waste Water Facilities especially Pumping Stations. The use of a boom truck is required to get pumps from the davit to a truck bed to take them away for service and then all over again to re-install the pump.

1100CH and 1100W DAVITS - Features

WLL (weight load limit): 1100 lbs. (500kg.)
PLA (proof load applied): 1650 lbs. (750kg.)
Assembled Weight (Chain Hoist Model): 31 lbs. (13 kg.)
Assembled Weight (Winch Model): 52 lbs. (24 kg.)
Available Lifting Height under Chain Hoist: 66 in. (depends upon hoist model)
Available Lifting Height under Arm (Winch model): 81 in.
Bushings: 2
Radius Adjustments: 5 (4 with winch equipped Davit)
Radius Adjustment Range - Chain Hoist Model: 33 to 44 in. (.8 to 1.1m)
Radius Adjustment Range - Winch Model: 40 - 50 in. (1 to 1.3m)
Minimum Distance for 1100CH/1100W DAVIT from Safety Railing: 3 in.
Construction Material: corrosion resistant aluminum alloy
Surface Coating: powder coated
Fabric Back Stay: all models - 3 ton strap with 5:1 safety factor
Benefits to Using the eme DAVIT Crane
Operator Safety: Lightness and Portability reduce the chance of  operator injury
Save Money: one eme DAVIT will serve an entire facility or region; eliminate steel or heavy aluminum davit arms at every pump site; to add sites just add sockets, eliminate the need for expensive crane trucks or permanent lifting equipment at well sites
Improve Efficiency: lightweight, easy to use lifting equipment promotes timely maintenance of pumps, motors, etc. 
Design Flexibility: for plant owners and design engineers - put maintenance lifting equipment where it is needed 'without compromise'
wpe31.jpg (5514 bytes) Equipment Davit: The UCL Safety Systems Equipment Davit is a lightweight, 1 piece aluminum structure designed for raising of safety or other equipment to an elevated work area. Requires the installation of a Weld-On Pocket (Part # 17073), Wall Mount (Part # 13919) or Floor Mount Sleeve (Part # 14217). The Equipment Davit may also be used with a ladder hanger (Part # 14202) and ladder sections to gain safe access to the work area.
The UCL Material Handling Basic Winch offers a 500lbs-working load for material handling at 5:1 safety factor. The winch offers a removable handle with and a 3/16" x 70 foot galvanized cable assembly that comes with a heavy-duty forged material handling hook. Offered in Stainless Steel and Zinc Plated steel, not exactly as shown.


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