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Hi pressure Natural Gas Pipeline pumping station. Farm Silos Entry & Rescue Davit Arm Systems. Railway service center for bulk and tanker car repairs.
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The new Zinc CS-500  plated sleeves were installed with Stainless Steel fasteners to provide longer life in the harshest of environments at the natural gas pumping station

Sala davit installation using boom lift.jpg (141298 bytes) SALA DAVIT FOR CONCRETE FARM SILO ON GROUND.jpg (660023 bytes) Sala davits on 2 45 foot concrete silos.jpg (548029 bytes) Sala davit at silo entry.jpg (624934 bytes)  

Installation of DBI SALA Davit arm systems on 3 concrete farm silo's  using telescopic boom and mobile crane with personnel basket.


Horizontal rail lifeline in a truss shape design attached to roof beams to make a full length shop fall arrest system. Sections were installed with only 2 installers and a couple scissor lifts, easily  installed intermediate and suspensions brackets turn this system of fall protection into a cost effective one. This totally enclosed rigid rail fall protection / fall arrest is great for all weather conditions as snow and ice won't affect it. Rain, dust, bird droppings and other conditions will also not affect the safety trolley travel for workers allowing  for more safe and productive time.


Fixed base installation for davit system. 

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Just four bolts and clamps attach the fall protection horizontal track rail to the existing roof beam, 4 more bolts connect the splice plates together and set screws keep the horizontal fall arrest beam sections aligned. The natural gas pipe line supply was relocated just a foot higher to accommodate the new horizontal fall arrest rail system

visualizer_ib_1.jpg (58904 bytes) visualizer_ib_6.jpg (76368 bytes) visualizer_ib_7.jpg (66369 bytes) Free Standing non penetrating roof top Guardrails
Picture 098.jpg (483777 bytes) 2 Horizontal stainless steel cable lifeline fall arrest systems, each designed for 2 workers using self retracting lifelines with a 900 pound (MAF) maximum arresting force. This system allows workers to access the rail hopper or tank cars from the left or right sides and front or rear hatches with the drop down platform gang ways.

Snow cover rail cars can be very slippery for hours after bringing them into the shop for servicing. 2 self retracting lifelines make it easier and safer for one or multiple workers when traveling either the length or the rail car or the whole length of the shop servicing the rail cars.

2 person horizontal rail system designed for workers weighing 310 pounds each using 900 (MAF) maximum arresting force fall protection equipment sealed self retracting lifelines.

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