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Fall Protection Equipment / Fall Arrest Equipment


Authorized and Certified installer team for DBI Sala and Protecta International Fall Protection / Fall Arrest Systems. DBI SALA Sayfglida, DBI SALA Evolution, Protecta International Ariana, Protecta International Hercules, Protecta International Hercule, are register trademarks

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DBI SALA Sayfglida Fall Protection systems / DBI SALA Sayfglida Fall Arrest Systems.  Sayfglida Engineered Permanent Horizontal Lifeline Systems / Linge de vie horizontale Sayfglida. DBI SALA evolution Fall Arrest systems, evolution Fall Protection systems, Evolution Permanent Horizontal Engineered Lifeline systems / Linge de vie horizontale Evolution. PROTECTA International Ariana Fall Arrest, Ariana  Fall Protection  Cable System. Ariana Engineered Horizontal Lifeline System / Ligne de sécurité horizontale Ariana PROTECTA International Hercule Fall Protection, Hercule Fall Arrest system HERCULE (HERCULES) rigid rail system. Hercules Engineered horizontal safety rail / Hercule Rail de sécurité horizontal
Complete onsite service for Fall Arrest and Fall Protection Fixed Anchors and Horizontal Lifelines
Economy roofers kit with poly blend 3 strand rope, full body harness with integrated shock absorbing lanyard and rope grab, carabiner, nails, roof bracket,  complete reseal able bucket Deluxe roofers kit with poly blend 3 strand rope, full body harness, carabiners, nails, roof brackets, separate shock absorbing lanyard and rope grab complete in heavy duty canvas bag Temporary horizontal lifeline kit with static Kernmantle rope, anchor slings, shock absorbing lanyard, carabiners, rope tensioner complete in  gear bag. Temporary Horizontal Lifeline kit. Including (2) coated wire rope anchor slings, rope tensioner, 60 feet synthetic rope, (2) carabiners, 4 foot lanyard all stored in gear bag.

14 foot high fall arrest / fall protection post

The UCL Safety Systems Portable Fall- Arrest 14’ Post mounts using Uni-Anchor plates and extends up to 14’ to provide a 1-man-rated fall-arrest anchor point.


Fall arrest system for single worker on recreational campers suspended from Butler style building on Z Purlins easily glides in the rail from one end of the camper trailer to the other for full and complete fall arrest safety for the worker.

ORDERING INFORMATION FOR RES-Q MAN When ordering custom rope lengths,   multiply working length by 4 for correct total length THE NORTH ADVANTAGE Can be activated by one person for positioning work Excellent for work where movement up and down a structure is required like ship building, window washing, aerial lifts and cable car rescue

Work positioning chair. Enter required rope length at the end of part # i.e.: Working length; 25 ft (8 m)

A complete system will include a personnel Fall Arrest attached to the dorsal "D" ring of a full body harness. Multiply by 4 = 100 ft (3m) Order Part # FP5/6400K/100North recommends that the secondary worker be equipped with an ascender handle. Boson's / Boatswain chair Excellent for work positioning, Window Washing, Confined Spaces, Aerial lifts & Bridge inspections.
Great for work where soft bases are a problem like grain elevators, over water or in aggregate silos
Works well for confined space applications and bridge inspection
Can be used with a harness, seat or stretcher
Secondary fall arrest is recommended when using this device
free standing on wheels 1 mast.jpg (17757 bytes)  

Free standing fall arrest 1 mast fall arrest on wheels

strap on davit arm.jpg (23837 bytes)  

Clamp on davit mast

beam clamp for round tanks on angle.jpg (16841 bytes)  

Fall arrest flange beam trolley for round storage tanks on angle


free standing 1 mast hitch mount.jpg (23006 bytes)  

Free standing fall arrest 1 mast hitch mount

beam clamp for angles.jpg (24008 bytes)  

V shaped Fall arrest beam clamp for angles

fall arrest gantry.jpg (27104 bytes)  

Portable aluminum fall arrest gantry for 2 persons

fall arrest ganry 1 person with 4 screws FALL P3.jpg (32319 bytes) 1 worker fall arrest gantry crane rolls around your plant to where you need fall arrest. 4 adjustable screw legs secure the system in place so there is no need for expensive installation or engineering as it comes completely engineer certified as a fall arrest system. moveable fall arrest gantry uses horizontal cable or rails for safety.jpg (19577 bytes) Moveable fall arrest system designed for 2 workers can be installed with mobile crane where ever a wide span fall arrest system is required. winches help to raise the gantry into position and can use a horizontal cable system or horizontal rail fall arrest.

3 Strand and Kernmantle Fall Arrest / Fall Protection ropes Choose standard stock sizes 25 foot, 50 foot, 75 foot, 100 foot or custom sizes

Technical ropes

Rope edge protector

Accessory ropes in all the colours of the rainbow

 Pole Choker 4 with ice grippers Pole choker 3 available without ice grippers. Both pole chokers are available in 4',5',6' and 7 foot. 1-3/4" Nylon Choker Strap
- Adjustable 6-ply Neoprene Impregnated Nylon Web Climbing Strap
- Snap hooks at each end
- Gripper Plates available on the Pole choker 4 only
   meets CSA for icy or wet wooden poles

PC3&4.jpg (43320 bytes) Pole choker bypass retractable FALL P1.jpg (7209 bytes) Pole choker climbing FALL P2.jpg (6635 bytes) Pole choker bypass with obstacle FALL P3.jpg (8444 bytes) Pole ckoer fall arrest FALL P4.jpg (6714 bytes)

Pole Choker 4

Sizes:  4.5', 5', 6', 7'
Part Numbers: 03704 - 03707

- 7' Nylon Web Pole Choker Retractable
- Mounts on an approved 1-3/4" Lineman's Belt with a Swivel Plate
Pole choker 4 for climbing wooden poles Pole choker 4 easily passes over cross members with the use of the srl CSA Approved Pole choker 4 for fall arrest when working on wooden poles with ice grippers

New CSA Approved Pole Choker 6 

For climbing and fall arrest on wooden poles with ice grippers no photos yet available. Available in 4 foot / 1.2 meter, 5 foot / 1.5 meter, 6 foot 1.8 meter and 7 foot 2.1 meter to accommodate the largest obstructions on any poles you climb to service electrical utilities.


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Wire Rope Ladder For Industrial, Construction, Marine Boarding, Military or Tactical law Enforcement


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